I was so excited to get the #givingcard!! I had already chosen a child in my community to sponsor and bought him a whole bunch of presents for Christmas (on my own, unrelated to the giving card) and my hope was to use the giving card to give to his mom, so she could use it for groceries or whatever she may need but it turned out that giving to the parents was against the rules. Then I learned of a gift and grocery card drive right in my community that gives gift and grocery bundles to families who are in need. I was so excited to use this card to buy a grocery gift card and know that it was a store local in my town, easy to access by walking or public transportation just in case the recipient does not drive and I loved knowing it was going to someone in my town who needs it.

I wasn’t allowed to take any photos inside the high school (that’s where the drive was held) but I took a picture of the gift card and of me holding it up!  Thank you for spreading this joy and for trusting total strangers to do a good thing. It was such a fun and special experience.