I didn’t end up using my card for the original purpose but I think it did some good in the world anyway. . . My original plan was to use my Giving Card to purchase much needed formula and add it to my food bank donation. I had heard there was a shipment of the scarce types just delivered to my local grocery store so I hopped in my trusty transport and scooted myself right down so I could at least get one can. Boy had prices skyrocketed! As I reached for one of the precious commodities, I started talking to a young dad standing beside me. As we stood there he quietly looked through the few items in his cart trying to decide what he could live without. I found out he was on his own and doing the best he could. He got my card. (And a couple more cans of Formula that I paid for and left up front for him) I didn’t get any pictures but the look of shame and then relief on his face said enough. I also found out he lives just down the street from me so door drops can totally be a thing : ) Thank you for doing this!