I chose to help Angels in Motion, a group that delivers “blessing bags” of snacks, drinks and hygiene items to people who are unhoused and living with addiction in and around Philadelphia and Atlantic City, N.J. The group is meeting this month to assemble a batch of bags, so I chose to purchase items marked “highest priority” on their Amazon wish list. But instead of just clicking and shipping, I compared prices between Amazon and the military commissary and found I could get 64 Pop-Tarts for $11 on base, vs. 60 Pop-Tarts for $20 on Amazon. So I bought the Pop-Tarts on base and used the $9 savings to buy 30 pouches of Capri Sun Roaring Waters, another “highest priority” item on their wish list, one which I’m sure that anyone living unhoused in the brutal city heat will appreciate. A local friend is attending the bag-assembling event and will deliver my donation in person, conserving fuel and reducing the carbon footprint of yet another Amazon delivery. Thank you so much for this opportunity to really reflect, think and donate in a mindful (and frugal) way.