Thanks again for the Giving Card! I was able to go out this weekend and purchase groceries for our community fridge. Unfortunately, as many people are already aware, inflation and supply chain issues meant my money didn’t stretch as far as before. But I was able to get some much needed fresh produce and dairy items that are often hard for families on limited budgets to get. (You might be wondering about the pineapple in Boston in December, but it was on sale for a dollar!) Plus, my local grocery store had a great sale on brownie mixes so I bought some of those as well for treats. And the timing couldn’t have been better. The contents of the fridge were pretty minimal when I delivered these, so it was great to stock it up for the next person that needs a little help.

Thanks for helping make this possible! I know there are many people who use the community fridge on an as needed basis and give back when they can. It’s a true community effort that is neighbor helping neighbor.