More Than a Food Bank

OMG, it was probably illegal to have as much fun as I had sharing my “giving card” (GC) and also quite humbling. I received my GC in early June and had been traveling out of town quite awhile. I felt badly about my delay in passing on my GC so I added $25 to go along w/the GC I received. I live in a resort town in Montana where there is huge difference in sociological backgrounds between the residences and the workers. We have a multipurpose Food Bank that is sooooo much more than a food bank. I presented the director/staff with the giving card/$. They were so thankful and especially liked the card to help with needs other than food. They gave me a tour of the facility and I could see other needs that they try to fulfill. I have already started to make a pile of items I can donate and I have their “wish list”. Thank you so much Giving Card folks!